Arie Genger and Yitzhak Rabin

Arie Genger and Yitzhak Rabin, former Prime Minister of Israel, switching on the new Haifa Chemicals Ltd (HCL) plant in Mishor Rotem ($150M investment) in 1993, making HCL the second largest company in the world in terms of capacity production for Potassium Nitrate (kno3)

Currently residing in Florida, Arie Genger boasts a colorful 35-year career as a successful businessman and multi-faceted entrepreneur. He is best known for acquiring and managing businesses, whereby he takes over fledgling companies and transforms them into profitable organizations. Arie was the founder and chairman of Trans-Resources, Inc. (TRI), a privately-held chemical and Agricultural holding company. He currently heads AGDB Holdings LLC, an investment partnership that acquires small and medium sized businesses.

Born in Israel in 1945, Arie Genger served in the Israel Defense Forces, after which he relocated to the US. Arie was a vital asset to the Israeli government, serving as former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s personal advisor and confidante for over 30 years. Within this framework, Arie was responsible for the personal private channel between the Prime Minister and the US White House. He holds an MBA in Economics and Business Administration from The Bernard M. Baruch College, and a BA from the City University of New York. Upon completion of his MBA, he was awarded the acclaimed Morton Wollman Medal.

Business Accomplishments

Arie Genger began his career in 1973 as Chairman of the Board of Rapid-American Corp., a conglomerate that owned McCrory Corporation, a retail holding company. He was later promoted to President of McCrory, where he deemed the youngest president of a multi-billion company in the USA. In 1985, he founded Trans-Resources Inc. (TRI), a chemical and fertilizer company and parent company of Haifa Chemicals Ltd., NaChurs, and the Canadian Plant Products Company. By 2008 TRI reached annual sales of a billion dollars and $150 million of net income. Arie is currently involved in litigation relating to the control of TRI, where he is now appealing the controversial verdict.

In the mid 90s, Arie co-founded Conservation Securities, a fund of funds targeting investments in a variety of hedge funds. He recently joined other investors as a cede investor in a real estate company in the New York area. Coupled with numerous other activities, Arie heads AGDB Holdings, LLC, an investment partnership with committed capital to acquire small and medium sized business of up to $50 million equity capital. AGDB has a particular focus on businesses in basic industries, including chemicals, agriculture and fertilizers.

The Israel Connection

Close to his Israeli roots, Genger developed a plan in which successful US businessmen could participate in the support of small companies and technology in Israel. In 1983, when foreign investment in Israel was unheard of, Arie partnered with core inventor Michael Milken to create The First American Israeli Technology fund, FAIT. The fund successfully fostered joint Israel-American investments, which later led Arie to his involvement in Haifa Chemicals.

Giving Back

An active philanthropist, Arie devotes his time to charitable causes in an effort to give back to the community. His activities have helped establish the Genger Prize, the Pinchas Riklis Memorial Foundation Prize, and various programs to help local hospitals, educational institutions and universities.

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